Vision & Mission

Sustainable and environmentally reformed peaceful world with socio-economic justice and religious harmony beyond boundaries
Dennysworld is an Association of kind-hearted philanthropists 
across the globe who are all working for the defragmentation of this world
 in the area of socio-economic justice, humanity, peace and  harmony.

Dennysworld  is bridging Global Leaders, Reformers, Rulers, Governments and Organizations
 beyond the geographical boundaries in respect of Peace and Love. 
To reach and identify the Ordained  Global Icons who are the lights of this world anointed by
 the Universal Power,  Dennysworld is dedicated as a humble servant and an unbiased guide who 
realizes 'This World is one family.'

Dennysworld  proclaims that the need of this era is 'Peace and Harmony through Oneness'
By  the realisation of this fact, humans can reform and regain this environment and 
revitalize the Earth by properly connecting the missing links of the Love and Humanity chain.