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About Dennysworld

"Dennysworld" an initiative of Satkarma Foundation, is a symbolic representation of an ideal world which can be realised through peace, social justice, physical and mental wellness, prosperity and happiness for one and all; a world which is free from hostility, strife and fear, desired by billions of people who belong to both the young and old generations including global leaders, celebrities from fields as diverse as corporate sector, science, arts, sports, politics and spirituality who are devoted to the cause of global peace and wellness through the oneness of humanity.

About Satkarma

"SatKarma Foundation" seeks to nurture the collective growth of social organizations, fostering collaborative efforts towards the shared goal of global peace and prosperity. We aim to achieve this vision by facilitating the exchange of visions, cultures, and knowledge, encouraging joint actions for common goals. Through these initiatives, we strive to promote a harmonious and interconnected world beyond boundaries.